Moroccan bath is health

(7 )HEALTH BENEFITS OF £ MOROCCAN BATHS # 1. They're relaxing Reduce stress, lower your cortisol levels and unclench. 2. It's deep-cleansing Every pore of you will be cleansed and fresh. 3. It improves circulation thanks to the vigourous scrubbing and rubbing. 4. It's exfoliating Using special exfoliating mitts and rubing a treatment on your skin before scrubbing it off, leaving your skin super soft and smooth. 5. It's hydrating After you get exfoliated, our therapists will lather you in a moisturising treatment to make sure your skin is silky smooth. 6. It relieves muscle tension Steam, exfoliation and a bit of a massage, every knot will be loosened, and every bit of stiffness eliminated from your body. 7. It can help with anti-aging by improving your skin's elasticity, and giving you a glow Book it now: 01068884099 What's App: 01140555765 #moroccan_hammam #sauna #healing #wellness #spa #spa_in_cairo #massage #backpain

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